Enjoy the beautiful Highlands| Iceland part 9

Southern Highlands Part 2

After a night of camping there is a great need to go back into untouched nature, which we do after a visit to the shop and gas station in Vik. Via the F210 we drive to the beautiful gorge with the Axlar waterfall. just blissful.

The day starts with the brilliant orange glow of the rising sun, this promises to be a beautiful day. As predicted, it is a sun-drenched day, yet again a while ago, would the late summer announce itself? We hope so, but the long-term weather forecasts give different signals. We enjoy the beautiful weather and take a beautiful walk at the Raudibotn crater. What a colorful splendor. Here we spend the night, with a magnificent view over the river plain of the Myrdals glacier. Tomorrow early day.

It is early morning, half past five out of bed, outside it is 2.6°C. Madam des mobilhomes is also put out of bed, as we have to drive 8 kilometers to photograph the Maelifell mountain. Well, the disadvantage of nice weather, then it is simply necessary to be on site before the harsh sunlight. Getting up early is rewarded with the soft glow of the awakening sun. Once on site, we simply put bakkie on the side of the track and let the drone do its job. Beautiful and on the other hand it is a shame that we have such a bad summer here in Iceland. It’s all so much more beautiful when the sun shines.

The rest of the day, with many stops, we continue our tour around the Myrdalsjökull glacier via F210 and then F261 to stop at the UNESCO-recognized Markarfljótsgljúfur gorge where we immediately spend the night and stay for a day. No, not because of the nice weather, that will be over tomorrow. Warnings have been sent out for tomorrow that a severe storm will pass in the southern part of Iceland. The weather forecasts are correct again, it is staying indoors. Bakkie stands with the head in the wind and that’s a good thing, the wind is shaking all day with accompanying rain. We make grateful use of this mandatory rest day to update the photo, film and website backlog a bit.

After a stormy day and a quiet night, it continues towards ring road No. 1. We still drive via the F261 with beautiful views over the mountain landscape, what a beauty. After about ten kilometers we come back next to the glacial river Markarfljot and get a breathtaking view over the mountains of Porsmork. A few kilometers before the end of the F261 we stop for the night, if we continue driving we run the risk of encountering the NO OVERNIGHT PARKING signs on the beautiful detached spots. Tomorrow we will drive back into civilization out of necessity, no, not to buy food or refuel. There is a campsite in Hvolsvollur with washing machine and dryer. So tomorrow camping and laundry day. You can read how it goes after that in our next blog post.


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