Our first experience with the beautiful Highlands | Iceland Part 6

Reykjavik towards North to Godafoss

After we have left the Snaefellsnes peninsula, the journey goes straight to Reykjavik. This is where we need to be to arrange our visas to stay in Iceland for a little longer than the regulated 90 days. Madame des mobilhomes prepares the full paperwork the night before. And it pays off the next day. Because after 90 minutes and 160 euros poorer we leave the immigration service of Iceland. Visa has been applied for, will hear something in 15 working days. We take the opportunity to visit Reykjavik of course, but especially to wash EVERYTHING at the campsite in Hafnarfjordur.

After roaming in and around the fjords of the East, North and West for almost 7 weeks, it’s time to head inland. After 2 days in Reykjavik and camping at Hafnarfjordur we head inland. We still do large shopping and fill up everything, then it goes via the 36 and 550 to the F 338. The F road driving started immediately with this one.

That night we are somewhere on a side road of the F338 at a Glacier river delta, Splendid. After the F338 we arrive at the 35, no more F road but certainly also beautiful, so we go to the Icelandic highlands area. We take the F336 as an up and down road to take a walk to the Longjuffel glacier. We spend the night at a small parking lot near Gygjarfoss along the F347.

The next day it is early morning. We drive another 12 kilometers on the F337 to the geothermal area of Hveradalir. We take a walk of 4 hours here, what a beautiful valley. Splendid. We decide to drive a little further to Hveravellir. Once there I decide to look for a place to sleep on the F735, I thought we’ll find something. Not so. Fortunately, there is a parking/turning point at the end of the F735. It is a sporty ride, but 10 kilometers and 1.5 hours later we arrive at the parking/turning point and there we stop We will stay here for a day, what a magically beautiful place.

After a day of rest to organize all the footage and to make a new travel film, we leave this beautiful place and visit the geothermal area of Hveravellir. Totally different from Hveradalir, also beautiful. But we enjoy the hotpot the most here. After a walk and a well-deserved hotpot it continues North via 35 and the F734 followed by the 734. It’s another sporty ride. Not many kilometers, but 3 river crossings, one of which had to be checked.

Meanwhile, the predicted bad weather has arrived, lots and lots of wind and the necessary rain. It rains again for a full 24 hours, not hard but hard enough not to get outside. Yet we go a little further north. we leave the 734 and continue via 756 just until we enter the Maelifells valley, where we stop for the night in the hope that the weather reports will be correct tomorrow, and that the weather will be drier and sunnier.

The weather forecast is correct, that sun does us good right away. We leave in time to drive into the Maelifellsdal and are immediately overwhelmed by its beauty. After about 10 kilometers there is a hike. Arriving at the small parking lot for the walk we see a line of defenders arriving, it is the group of Desert Fox. A quick chat and everyone goes their own way. The Desert Fox group continues out of the valley, we walk up the mountain towards Maelifellshnjukur. Lovely little very steep walk which we feel in our legs for the rest of the day.

After the nice walk we leave the Maeliffelsdal and stop at the Reykjafoss for a hotpot and to take some pictures of the Reykjafoss. Photos are successful, hotpot was overcrowded and we skipped. We drive further north of Akureyri where we will do some shopping tomorrow, and hopefully visit the Godafoss later in the day without rain. 3x Shipping law? It has become a charm, it is dry. That’s it, it’s gray and 7 degrees, 7 degrees at the end of July 🥶🥶🥶. After a dry visit to Godafoss we drive a few kilometers to the campsite of Laugar, where they have good and affordable washing machines. We will keep it warm, you can read the rest of our trip in the next blog post.


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