The Snaefellsnes peninsula | Iceland Part 5

Snæfellsnes and a visit to Reykjavik

We start exploring the Snæfellsnes peninsula via the northern road no. 54. at the first stop my eye falls on a shipwreck a little further, that will be a short walk. Beautiful, not far but clearly a wreck that has little interest in the large tourist flow that is present here anyway.

After the walk to the wreck we drive on. Madam des mobilhomes is kind to me, a few kilometers further I can stop again to take a mountain walk, not big but beautiful.

We liked the 3 days that we are on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It’s a completely different Iceland again, rough, high, erratic, lava fields and then again beautiful fjords. Just beautiful. After a day with 2 hikes, one to the mountain top of the Eyrarfjall with breathtaking views over the fjord and the Atlantic Ocean. On arrival in Grundarfjordur we take an afternoon walk of 6 kilometers to the Grundarfoss. Tomorrow we will take a look at the Kirkjufell.

As planned, we go to see the kirkjufell in the morning, especially a nice walk. kirkjufell is above all a tourist magnet in my eyes. After our morning walk, the tour continues, now towards Snaefellsjökull National Park. We make several short walks culminating in the Mallarrif lighthouse. We are lucky enough to spot a polar fox up to 2 times. This is wonderful.

We make a nice walk to the Budaklettur crater. From the Buda church this goes all the way through a lava field. By the way, the weather has also improved and you can go for a walk in a T-shirt. I think we’re getting used to the climate a bit, T-shirt at 15 degrees 😊

The next day we go straight to Reykjavik. Time to leave the coastal region with all the beautiful fjords, cliffs and beaches and head inland. But first we have to get our residence visas in order. And that has to be done at the Reykjavik Immigration Service. You can read how that goes and much more in the next blog post.


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