Explore the north of Iceland further.

Flexibility a necessity when traveling

In Laugar it was decided not to wait for the F roads in inland to open. The driving direction changes from south to west and we visit a few towns located on fjords such as Akureyri and Siglufjördur. Both very touristy, Akureyri the 2nd largest city in Iceland with a real cruise terminal and many souvenir shops and a beautiful botanical garden.

The second town is Siglufjördur, the town lived until the mid-1960s from the herring fishing industry with 12,000 workers in the fishing industry. In the second half of the 1960s, the Herring decided differently about the future of this prosperous city. The herring shifted its annual route and prosperity was over in Siglufjördur. There would still be 1200 people living there, like everywhere in Iceland there is still a decent fishing industry. But I’m sure that the tourism industry now also earns a nice penny

We continue in a westerly direction via the atlantic route with regularly beautiful views over fjords and the Greenland Sea. 3 days later we arrive in the Skagafjord, here is a place where the lady of the mobile homes and I want to enjoy a hot tub from Grettislaug. That is enjoying in these still cold temperatures, when this is written on June 25 at 1 pm it is 5 °C. The Icelanders say so themselves, too cold for the time of year.

And as already written, the phoca mobil continues in a westerly direction, it’s another rainy day. 24 hours of rain non stop. And then as the weather apps predicted, dry, little sun and 10 °C. Summer is coming. After a quiet night we enjoy the scarce sun rays at the lighthouse of Kalfshamar where there are also beautiful basalt cliffs. We just enjoy.

A little further west we go to see the Kolugljufur canyon. How beautiful can nature be, amble around a bit and go photo hunting after dinner. The whole canyon for us alone. just blissful.

And so we arrive at the west fjords. The hot tub in Grettislaug has not been as satisfying for Madame des mobilhomes as first experienced. 3 days after the hot tub madam is ill, with a cold with the properties of a flu. Pharmacist visit in Laugarbakki and 2 days later there is some life in madam again. It will take a few more days before she belongs to the world of the active again. In the meantime we have effectively entered the west fjords. Once away from ring road No. 1 peace returns to the roads, much better this way. Curious about the sequel? Next blog will be about the Westfjords.


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