Iceland 2017 – week 3

Day 15: Hverir- Hussabakki (IS)

Get up early, that’s what you have when you sleep behind a sign that says forbidden to spend the night.
Not that we were woken up by one or the other, no just woke up.
So make breakfast, make the camper ready to drive.
Today put back tire pressure, was still a bit low of our inland adventure.
Just visit the crater and the steam holes of Hverir and then on the way to the caves, no not that of hann in belgium, but that of Myrvatn, then visit a lava valley and then a crater field littered with small craters.
They were 2 beautiful walks, which is also something. Then on towards West, and so we enter North Iceland.
The least touristy according to the lady of the house phoca-mobil.
OK, nice drive,


Day 16: Hussabakki – Reykir (IS)

Today not much on the road, past the oldest church in Iceland.
Although I didn’t think it was that old, but I don’t have an eye for that.
So then continue towards West to Reykir.
A picture of a pitch, delicious. And we were well on time here, so it was still time to go for a walk and enjoy the sun.
Again with the camera on the road to shoot a bird.
Great, a little holiday feeling.


Day 17: Reykir – Hvammstangi (IS)

we went to spot seals.
Beautiful, but not overwhelming.
We have seen sealtjes from much closer in the wild.
Then just spotting a bird.
A lot has been driven, especially on a road with new gravel on.
Apparently it has to be made wet, sprinkled with a kind of brine.
Oh dear, bakkie doesn’t look like it.
Later on at the campsite a friendly German comes to report that we better clean that brown, because it is full of chemicals that harden the sludge in an almost impossible to remove sludge.
So early tomorrow we first stop by a gas station to spray the camper clean


Day 18: Hvammstangi – amgerdareyri (IS)

Get up early today.
First work after departure, rinsing and cleaning.
This both along the side and the bottom.
Everything is full of yesterday’s mud.
Then we move on to our overnight pitch.
What had to turn out in a driving day that would be finished by noon, changed when we arrived at the place where we wanted to stand.
A FESTIVAL, oh dear.
No, we do not participate, so eat sandwiches and return.
follow the 61 until we arrive at an old ferry port.
STOP, here we go to sleep for the night.


Day 19: amgerdareyri – Talknafjordur (IS)

Oh dear, what a day again, 367 km away.
Oh well. went to hottop at 5 pm
on arrival bakkie cleaned again
then self-service fish stall, smoked salmon fillet and cod fillet
madam des mobilhome has taken a shower in the local swimming pool
the laundry was done until 1 o’clock in the morning


Day 20: Talknafjordur – Latrabjarg (IS)

Slept out, did the laundry yesterday evening and it wasn’t ready until 1 AM.
So very late in bed, so no alarm clock set, result we were awake at 9 o’clock.
Then just take it easy, after breakfast, just past a hot tub, which is not inviting, you will probably come out dirtier than you entered.
And that is not exactly what we thought.
Furthermore, we drive today to the most Western point of Europe, Latrabjarg.
And yes it is just written.
Once there, it’s already time for lunch, so Kokkie makes a home mate salmon salad.
And then watch Puffins, and they are there.
Although it is very foggy, and on the way there is little to be seen of living puffins, we take a brisk walk on the westernmost cliffs of our Europe.
After xx Km we descend back to the start of the walk and along the way we are regularly rewarded for our efforts, Puffins, puffins and more puffins.
The puffins are always in the company of
1) seagulls
2) 3 toe gulls
3) Alken
4) the biggest problem, far too many tourists BBHHHAAAAAA
but, well, we belong to that category of course.


Day 21: Latrabjarg – Varmaland (IS)

Upon departure there is thick fog everywhere
But they are slow roads, so we go for it.
There is not much to see, yes that is true with fog of course.
After 50 km and more than an hour further everything becomes sunny, we pass another pass and on the other side of the mountain there is no fog.
Problem solved.
Furthermore, today we are driving along fjords and mountain passes for a change.
Try 2 more hot tubs, but one was too busy and the other, well, it’s not really clean.
After the umpteenth pass today an alarm on the dashboard suddenly appeared.
CHECK FUEL SUPPLY, hahaa I had seen that, tank change problem solved.
And that was immediately the most exciting thing that happened today.


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