Sweden 2017 – week 2

Day 6: Hogakustenbron – Lövanger

Sun up: 9:22 uur Sun down: 13:40 uur

No alarm clock today, slept peacefully.
Enjoyed breakfast quietly, made a walk, and then we are gone.
10:45 am that is late, the day is almost over here in the North.
Not much special, drive North via the E 4, and at 15 hr. it is really dark here.
It’s not that dark at night, even in our country in Belgium, I think.
But so dark, drive another 2 hours and then start looking for a place to sleep.
The first place is a miss, it is therefore winter. And we can therefore assume that not all CP places can be found.
Next town on good luck drove into a village, and yes.
Somewhere in the back of the village in a parking lot of a restaurant, the restaurant is on vacation, so we take over the parking lot.
Just a short walk to the local Coop for a jar of honey, and so we have had our movement for today.
That is what I miss the most, my movement.
But tomorrow we can expect Polar Light, everything says that there is a chance that we will see it.
I’m curious.


Day 7 : Lövanger – Lansjärv (S)

Sun up: 9:31 uur Sun down: 13:20 uur

This morning it has been slow, so we have lost the first twilight.
This should be different when driving home, we both agree on that.
Use the short daylight as widely as possible for driving.
Immediately after departure, refueling, full diesel and drinking water received free from garage operator.
What a generous man, free water, he should have given some discount on the diesel.
So basically departure time is 9:30 AM instead of 8:45 AM as indicated above. So What
We drive and drive, and it goes well, around noon we drive past Lulea.
Put GPS a bit more North wife today we drive as long as there is daylight.
So that is not very long, but it is long enough to reach the Polar Circle again, to be able to observe this in the interest of the Northern Lights.
And so we pass for the 2nd time in a northerly direction at 2:20 pm the Polar Circle with Bakkie.
Thanks for the good services, but there is still a lot to be done, we are not home yet.


Day 8: Lansjärv (S)

Sun up: 9:54 uur Sun down: 13:12 uur

Today we stayed here, we cleaned up bakkie a bit
Greywater tank emptied with buckets.
And then left at 11 am for a walk of 7.8 Km, with the result that today after the walk we moved to a campsite where we came across signs while walking.
The campsite is of course closed, but sometimes you just have to be foolish.
We are now close to a beach, where we think that in the season there should be a campground.
Hope we are left alone tonight and this night
Early 6 am departure planned for tomorrow.


Day 9: Lansjärv – Alnö (S)

Sun up: 9:59 uur Sun down: 14:28 uur

Back south.
Race against the clock, hoping to take it easy for 3 more days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a piece of Thursday.
Home sweet home, here we come.
It has been good, high point is now really over with the New Year’s Eve fireworks from mother nature yesterday. We have seen the Northern Lights


Day 10: Alnö – Märsta (S)

Sun up: 9:18 uur Sun down: 14:57 uur

Slept a little bit longer, had a quiet breakfast, and then drove south.
It was still fairly quiet on the road, probably still to do with the 2nd of January.
Take our afternoon break at a department store where we stock up bread and polar bread to smuggle out of the country.
And not to forget the Northern tubes with all kinds of pasties in such as cheese with ham, cheese with bacon, lobster, shrimp etc, etc …. everything in a tube.
Special and very tasty.
After arriving at our parking place for the night, we still have time for a 1-hour walking cool and a cleaning job inside.
The driver washes outside the windows, lights, no plates and bakkie her face because it no longer looked.
So dirty, we’re going to have a job at home.


Day 11: Märsta – Gränna (S)

Sun up: 8:47 uur Sun down: 15:25 uur

Quiet place, so had a quiet night.
This morning it had once again become -10 ° c, but that is no problem for Bakkie.
For the rest there is little special to report, quiet breakfast and we have left.
in the afternoon we arrive in Gränna, a well-known location from August 2015.
After arrival, have a quiet lunch and then walk 5 km.
Nice walk along waterfall with old watermill a little further.
Then walked a little further, to come back in a snow shower.
Later in the evening the temperature only gets softer and that’s how it became 3 ° C at 20 Hr in the evening.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow 2 more quiet days, although the weather starts to storm quietly.
Another ferry must be taken.


Day 12: Gränna – Mälmo (S)

Sun up: 8:46 uur Sun down: 15:49 uur

Got up with fresh snow, fresh rolls had also been a possibility of course.
But we have put that last in the oven ourselves.
So fresh snow and rolls.
Great to start your day like this.
After breakfast with fresh home-made rolls we leave on time again.
It is a matter of arriving somewhere around noon so that we can stretch our legs a little longer, all we have to do is make a walk.
We are on a quiet beach parking lot, with a view of the sea and the Sontbridge.
The bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden.
The bridge that costs the same as a ferry to Germany, so this time not the bridge but the ferry as we came to Sweden.
But that is unfortunately only for tomorrow.


Day 13: Mälmo – Krassow (D)

Sun op: 8:35 uur Sun down: 15:51 uur

a lazy morning, sleeping late, having breakfast, a little walk, it is really cold.
It is -6 ° c but it feels -15 ° because of the strong wind that is not pleasant for us.
The sweden come to the beach with different families, well dressed and with a picnic basket.
Unbelievable people those Northern Earthlings.
Around noon we are leaving for Trelleborg, it’s over, back on the ferry to Germany.
This time with stennaline, a little less lifeboat than the TTline.
But compared to Collor line from Norway to Denmark, sorry then it seems like a old lifeboat.
But we are leaving with an hour delay so theoretically you would arrive 1 hour later.
No, the captain got everything out of his glorified lifeboat that is shaking all the way.
But arrive completely according to plan in Rostock Germany.
We drive for about an hour to Krassow where we immediately crawl into our bed.
Early tomorrow morning but my wife doesn’t know yet.


Day 14: Krassow – Thuis (B)

Sun up: 8:30 uur Sun down: 16:46 uur

Get up early today.
It is colder than predicted -13 ° c instead of -5 ° c, which is also quite a big change.
If still set up the pipe heaters and make the rest of the services.
After breakfast we are on our way home.
A long trip to the South but everything is very quiet on the road.
A little bit of holiday traffic, only in Duisburg we have a bit of traffic jams.
Arriving at home, picking up the cats and then it’s over.

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