The discovery of the Vesterals 2019

Well, that was another crossing with movement. With a NNO 5 or 6 Beaufort the ferry goes back and forth, but after 1:45 hours rolling we arrive safely at the northernmost point of the Vesteralen, Andenes. The new discoveries can begin, that is for tomorrow anyway. After a restful night at the lighthouse of Andenes we go and explore the center, this does not have to take long. It is Sunday, so even less to explore than on another weekday.lighthouse andenes With 2 quiet driving days we end up a little south of Åknes, via a hard earth road in very bad condition we find a parking place with a beautiful view over the Gavlefjord which is actually a strait between Andøya and Langøya. After enjoying the view for a few hours, we discover that the strait is not very busy, but something is flying over and over again. No, no plane route, a flight route of sea eagles. We are regularly treated to 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 5 sea eagles at the same time, who then fly over. At a fairly high altitude, but still. We stay for a day and in the evening during the apperitive we are also treated outside the busy sea eagle traffic, also treated by the presence of seals and a sea otter, a sea otter !!! Sea otterBeautiful, just beautiful. The next morning we prepare to leave this beautiful place, and then …… OMG ……. close to our pitch a sea eagle …… simply indescribable. Sea eagleDays pass without boredom or feeling of what should we do today, no days pass quickly, actually frighteningly fast. But as already written, we are certainly not bored. So we go and have a look in Nyksund, a ghost town in the 80s, now they are trying to turn it into a tourist attraction, it works but there is still a lot of work to be done in the dilapidated fishing village from 1800. Village NyksundThis and the following days, few km’s are always driven and in the afternoon a walk is regularly made, not overly long, but beautiful, very beautiful. Days pass and before we realize it, we end up after 2 weeks on the southernmost part of the Vesteralen, the island of Hadseløya. We will stay here for another day, by the way it is Sunday and then it may be a bit less. The motorcycle is unloaded for a day of driving around unloading motorcyclea tour of 35 km is made around the island, but that does not matter we enjoy it and at the end of the day we have just toured 95 km. And so we leave the Vesteralen after 15 days, not via Andenes but via Sortland. After the bridge of Sortland we turn right to head towards the Lofoten, curious what we are going to see and experience after having been here 4 years ago.


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