Onwards to Tromsø 2019

The following days after the North Cape and Havøysund with the midnight sun, the journey pace goes down a lot, taking it slower.
Enough miles done the last 10 days. So put the brakes on, with driving days of on average 50 km, there is soon time for exercise.
A hiking day is planned, we are going to look at the oksfjord glacier.
A walk of 6 km only, so 12 km up and down, that is a breeze for us.
Some gut feeling tells me to take enough food and drink with me.
And yes, gut feeling is right.
After 2 hours of walking on bad paths with slippery rocks and roots we reach the stop in between at 3 km.
On to the glacier, after another 2 hours and 1.5 km we reach a rocky outcrop that we don’t want to cross, we also have to go back.
Here we stop at 500 meters from the glacier.
There is no more coming through.
Gain some strength with a healthy sandwich and biscuits to get that whole piece back over rocks, rubble fields, shrubs and all other junk to get back to our camper “Bakkie”
5 pm, we return home safely, tired and satisfied. After a chat with Norwegian hikers, we still leave and end up in a normal parking lot full of mobile homes.
The eyes just close after eating.
When viewing the route it seems better to take 2 ferries than to drive around 130 km.
So bakkie goes on the ferry, the day before Tromsø we sleep in the middle of the wilderness, beautiful place, except for the mosquitoes.
The mosquito repellent has become a bit of my standard equipment, even in the fjords it is teeming with small rotten mosquitoes

Tromsø, very friendly Norwegian city with many museums and sights.view little harbor of tromso
We only visit the planetarium where a show about the Northern Lights is given that the lady of the mobile homes wants to watch.Planetarium
After Tromsø and its planetarium we continue and end at Sommaroy bridge where we are welcomed by a Swiss couple that we have seen a few times, so we invite them for an aperitif.
Tonight it is again excellent to be able to enjoy the midnight sun again, which we do extensively.
Simply fantastic.midnight Sun
We stay one more night at the Sommaroy bridge, this time 2 Dutch campers are added, the Swiss are already further. The idea to be able to experience the midnight sun again is disturbed by suddenly rising fog, which in turn gives beautiful photos. sommaroy in the mist And as usual, every disadvantage has its advantage. Because of the fog it is possible to crawl into bed at a normal hour. Tomorrow we will explore the Senja region


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