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After our first free night at the old Ksar Tafnidilt we cross via a small track to the East. We will explore the desert again, later it turns out that the small passage to the East was a good decision. Other camping guests who can not handle the off-road with the camper are still 2 days in the Tan Tan province, apparently there must be some permit. We are sorry for the 2 nice guys of Betsy on the road “, Jonas and Kevin”. With them we lived together for 3 months at the campsite.

It continues to enjoy this freedom and solitude in the desert. Until it starts to get very hot after 4 days, 40 degrees at night above 30 degrees. We decide to exchange the desert for the inland, and more specifically the mountains. Good decision, after a day of driving we arrive in Talioune at an altitude of 1200m. Here the temperature has improved. 40 degrees has become 28 degrees and at night it drops another 10 degrees, really pleasant.

For a long time we can not enjoy the pleasant mountain coolness and the beautiful routes through the mountains. On day 2 of our mountain adventure towards the high atlas mountains, things go wrong with a diesel pipe that has leaked. After a short stop we notice that it is difficult to start and decide to drive straight to Agadir where there is a MAN garage. That same day we arrive at the garage at closing time. Repairing is for tomorrow, but we have no problem with that, we are glad we made it. Good that we drove on because the next day coffee doesn’t start anymore because the diesel pipe has been drained during the night. After Agadir we return to Taliouineā€¦ .. but what else happens and is experienced, you can read it in the next blog post.


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