Will the lockdown be extended?

What we expected happened. The lockdown in Morocco will be extended by 3 weeks until June 10. With Ramadan and then the sugar feast, this is simply a logical decision that we would rather not have had. But yes, it is just like that now …

We decide to hold a kitchen council about the further course of our adventure. Much should not be deliberated on, meanwhile it is clear that it will be a long-term problem in Africa. We therefore decide to immediately book a ferry with departure July 1 from Tangier to Genoa in Italy. This is good in advance more than a month of which 3 weeks in lockdown. When the lockdown ends on June 10th, then we still have 3 weeks to enjoy the Moroccan friendliness and hospitality. If there is an extension of the lockdown after June 10, well, then there is still enough time to obtain the permits to go to Tangier. Let’s hope it ends on June 10.

But it is not done yet, Morocco will remain in lockdown for 1 month longer until July 10. There are all kinds of relaxations, but whether it is allowed to travel is apparently a difficult question for the Pasha who is responsible for Tan Tan. Apparently he needs 2 days to decide that we …… .. no Pasha decided absolutely nothing. He informs the campsite manager that we are allowed to travel without a permit in zone 1. Which actually contains almost all of Morocco except the provinces around the major cities and of course the major cities themselves. Now just happened, we really didn’t want to go there.

We leave the same day June 12 and drive out of Tan Tan province without any problem and then go to sleep at a old Ksar. How wonderful is that, after 84 days of lockdown and living on a campsite, freedom again. It’s just enjoyment again, no people, beautiful sunset, silence, no light pollution, just wonderful ……


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