Search for a tire continues.

And we continue, leaving Tiznit and head towards Sidi Ifni. A small seaside resort that used to be in Spanish hands. Then it becomes clear again, they can not maintain it, such a shame. I am sure Sidi Ifni has been a very beautiful seaside resort, but now …oh well. You see that there has been prosperity, with an emphasis on BEING. Nevertheless, we stay here for 6 days before we continue our tire hunt towards Guelmim

Guelmim is quite a big city, we will find a tire there. When entering Guelmim we stop at the first gas station to get some info. The friendly man forwards us to a tire specialist. A big one that will certainly be able to help you. so we go to THE tire specialist of Guelmim. When we arrive there we already see that it is certainly not a tire center as we know it. But after many phone calls, the boss happens to come in. He says it can’t be with him, follow me but I’ll take you to the right man. The boss on his little old scooter in front of us, we with our 12 tons in pursuit. Not easy to keep up with the scooter.. We are therefore regularly urged to follow with the typical Moroccan hand. Then we arrive at the city’s tire specialist, okay. There is a lot of telephone calls. Pictures of the tire taken. Some Whatsapps to here and there and then it is waiting, and waiting and waiting. We wait until 4 pm. Well it is Friday, Morocco, 4 pm, no that will not work out. We exchange mobile numbers, test whatsapp messages to each other and tomorrow we will know when the tire is here ?????? First photo and praise Hamid.

We on our way to a place to sleep near a hot spring. Yes you read that right, a hot spring. The road to it is quite tough but nice to drive. At aperitif time we arrive at the source. Brilliant and really warm. 40 degrees warm pure spring water. I did not expect that in Morocco. This is the result of drilling for oil from a long time ago. A beautiful place only sorry that there is a nuisance from flies. Too bad, we decide to continue the next day.

hot water source

Just a piece of piste in the desert near Guelmim of course because we expect news from our tire. It is a beautiful track, just beautiful driving through nothing, quiet and many dromedaries. In the afternoon we have 4G and also a message from Hamid the tire specialist. We do not find your tire but have found another ????? The photo will be sent to us. Well it is a tire, it is round, it is black and it has grooves. No that’s a tire we really can’t use Hamid, thank you for the effort, but we don’t want that tire. Good thing it all goes through Whatsapp because the kindness leans very close to the pushiness of certain determined sellers. So TIRE back to square one. We will pass Dakhla in about 2 weeks. Maybe the tire can be found there. First at ease towards Plage Blanche, but you will read that in the next blog post..


  1. Hello
    I am reading your story in the uk. We met you at the hot springs…. in our little landcover camper. I am looking forward to reading more to see if you ever found the tire you need….

    • Hello Susan, off course we remember you 😉.
      We hope to find a new tire somewhere in Europe but when we don’t now 🙃


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