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The idea Iceland was created July 2021

Let’s start at the beginning, or the end of our previous adventure that was stalled by the already well-known and many times cursed COVID pandemic. This can all be read on our “this” website . We were driving around somewhere in Belgium when we got the crazy idea, oh yes, to go to Iceland again. The world opened up faster than expected and of course we didn’t know that when the plans were made and tickets were ordered for the ferry from Smyril Line. The trip could have been a little longer than 5 years ago, because 4 weeks is too short to get to know this beautiful “land” island. So we just go a little longer, our planning is to stay in Iceland for 4 months

and we left, part 1 to Hirtshals Denmark

After the family obligations we are gone. First along Luxembourg to fill the diesel tanks a little cheaper, 20 cents / liter cheaper that saves some euros After Luxembourg we mainly drive on the highway to Denmark where we will enjoy another week there. Denmark’s first stop is Mogeltonder, a beautiful old identical village with a beautiful church that is definitely worth a visit.

Day 2 in Denmark: We arrive in the wadden region and look for a place to sleep just before the road to Mando, a wadde road that completely floods every high tide. Very Nice environment, beautiful nature.

Day 3 Denmark: Is a driving day with regular stops, meanwhile the weather has changed considerably, rain and 12 degrees. Good preparation for Iceland. We visit Ribe. The oldest city in Scandinavia, according to the books of course.

Day 4 Denmark: Driving not so far today, stopping in Oddesunt. Stretch your legs and, above all, spot many, many seals near the beach.

Day 5 Denmark: Drive a little further north towards Hirtshals with the necessary stops to view the beautiful dunes.

Day 6 Denmark: We go for a walk in the Rubjerg dune, the largest moving dune in Europe, it moves 18 meters per year, which can be seen in nature. Trees are simply swallowed by the dune. The lighthouse on the dune was even moved tens of meters in 2002, otherwise it would have plunged into the sea in the meantime. That day we drive further to Hirtshals where we have to take the ferry to Iceland. You can read the stories about it in the next Blog.


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