Iceland Northeast coast to 66° North

First days in Iceland

The first days in Iceland are mainly rainy. Except for the day of arrival, beautiful weather. So we immediately looked for a very nice spot on the north side of the Seydisfjord to spend the first night. But before the night comes we have made a beautiful afternoon walk of 6 km. Not far but satisfying after being on the ferry for 2 days. On the hike it is basically from one waterfall to another. It’s just enjoying the sun, the environment and especially the freedom again

That evening it starts to rain, what we don’t know yet is that it will rain continuously for the next 2 days. Well, that can just happen. Standing still is not an option, simply because the locals might complain. That’s something we try to avoid. We drive to the Borgarfjord where puffins can be spotted on Hafnarholmi, a small rock. Yes, a small rock full of birds and of course the beloved puffins. a feast to see.

And it still rains on day 2, we make it a driving day with regular stops to play a bit of tourist at sights. We pass a hydroelectric power station that produces 27 MW, and one of the oldest black churches in East Iceland. A little later we pass a replica peat church, which were originally built around the 920s to 1200s. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Let’s hope the rain will stop falling from the sky, 2 days has been enough. In this way we continue in a northerly direction. In Porshofn we go to take a look at the old plane wreck R4D-6, this is mainly used as a shelter for the cattle. pity We drive a little further to visit a bird hut, but after 5 km a sign max. 2 tons per axle, so turn around and drive back from where we came. Slightly disappointed. Sudden warning on dashboard, rear lock is engaged. No, no no, the lock has not been switched on, during an inspection it appears that the control contact of the rear lock has been broken. Damage on day 4, not good.

After several messages from fellow travelers and an email from the garage, one thing is clear. We can keep driving. I tape everything well and hang the broken plug up to avoid false warnings on the dashboard.

In the meantime we have arrived in Raufarhofn, from here the midnight sun can be observed, but the clouds put a stop to this. It has stopped raining in the meantime, the first day without rain. That’s good. We therefore stay an extra day to enjoy the surroundings.

After a day of rest, it continues north to stop at Cape Raudinupur. Here you can spot gannets and puffins, and whether they are present. Great, this is just enjoying. The weather has also become kind to us and we spend hours staring at these beautiful birds in the sun. And if it may be something more, we are enjoying a beautiful midnight sun here, what a great day. With this we immediately reached the northernmost part of our Iceland adventure. No, we are not going far south yet, but we are leaving 66° North.


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