Iceland Part 2: Exploring the North

66° North & waiting for opening inland

After Cape Raudinur we go south, well North there is only ocean and a little further Greenland. We drive 40 km to NP Asbyrgi to take a walk. What started as a tour of a few kilometers ends in a nice afternoon walk of 14Km. Great walking and if you thought there are no trees in Iceland. Wrong, the first kilometers are between the trees. Because the trees are on the small side. It’s a nice afternoon walk After the walk we drive a little further towards Dettifoss and stop halfway to spend the night in the middle of no man’s land

The day starts rainy and we decide to continue our route a little further towards Dettifoss, the first waterfall is Hafragilsfoss. We wait there until it stops raining. At 5 pm we give up, it rains and continues to rain. Just return to our sleeping place from last night. It rains all night with a temperature of 4°c. We wait the next day to continue until it dries up, according to the weather reports around 2 pm. It’s 12 noon when it finally dries up and even clears up a bit. In the course of the afternoon the weather is exactly as we like it, sunny. We go for a walk at Hafragilsfoss, Dettifoss and Selfoss, three large waterfalls that the river Jokulsa a Fjollum brings from the glacier Vatnajokul to the sea

After the waterfalls we drive another 50 km towards Husavik. The next day we visit Husavik. Small town that lives from whale watching, big businesses. We’re not going to do this After shopping, the tour continues and we are inspired by a tip from a fellow traveler. We drive to Peistarekir, a geothermal area like Hverir. In miniature and WITHOUT other tourists, we are here all alone, except for many sheep. The next day we drive to our first F road, the F899, beautiful track.

Due to the bad weather forecast we return the next day on the same track and end our day in Laugar at the campsite. Well every now and then we have to wash, tomorrow we will just stay at the campsite The last few days of working on images, and madame des mobilhome the website and webshop.

In Laugar, the weather reports, road reports, etc. are carefully examined. Weather forecast, chance of snow. Road report, in inland the F roads will remain closed for a while due to snow and bad road conditions. We decide to change course and stay in North Iceland and head for West, the west fjords.


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