Norway 2015 – week 2

Day 8: Ballstad – Hennigsvaer (N)

First have a nice cozy breakfast together.
Then out, all in drive.
Today the tour starts on the Lofoten, first miss the turn, so agrees the lady of the MBH.
First lead incorrectly, but this was a well-calculated wrong navigation.
Arrive by accident in Lodingen, beautiful fishing town / village, go to see the local marina and lighthouse, and then continue to the Lofoten.
In Fiskebol we leave the E10, this is the main axis through the Loffoten and go via an alternative route.
4x longer than the normal route, but certainly 4 times as beautiful.
After returning to the E10 we pass Svolvaer for shopping and an internet SIM card.
Eventually we end up searching for a little too long in Henningsvaer, where we are just parked along a street.
We took another good walk after dinner.

Day 9: Hennigsvaer – Sennevik (N)

Started in a slightly lame way.
Woke up today at 9 AM. Degoutant. After breakfast we made a nice walk in Henningsvaer, really a nice fishing village.
Maybe a bit too touristy, but oh well t ‘is beautiful, very beautiful.
Then on to Stamsund, another fishing village, also beautiful.
Slightly more realistic than Henningsvaer.
In other words much less, actually not touristy. But beautiful.
Then on to the sleeping place, where is still unknown.
We find a beautiful spot on a hill in a meadow.
After an hour, Mrs. the landowner comes by and asks if we want to leave her land.
Of course, no problem.
We pack and leave.
250 meters further on the pass of Sennivik and Ramsvik we find the most beautiful place where we have stood so far, even more beautiful than the first days on the bunker of Evenes.
We stand on a pass, according to the GPS height 105 meters, with a view on 2 sides of a bay / fjord.
Beautiful, and we are also spoiled with a beautiful sunset.

Day 10: Sennevik – Saltstraum (N)

The Lofoten are done, today, for the first time, bakkie goes via sea to another destination.
In the belly of a ferry from Moskenes “Lofoten” to Bode mainland of Norway.
90 km “for the sailors 49 miles” peanuts.
Today we have visited numerous fishing villages on the Lofoten, with Nusfjord as the main prize.
Nusfjord is a UNESCO registered heritage, just like in Portugal, the non-UNESCO protected villages do better for me.
Well something has to be done with the European taxpayer money.
At 2 p.m. the ferry sets sail from the shore, we go into the open, just waved goodbye by a Sealtje, as if he knew that we were here.
Snif, baybay, goodbye Lofoten, It was beautiful here, very beautiful.
5 pm, ferry with bakkie arrives safely and well on the mainland of Norway
We continue to the Saltstraume, I quote from the internet.
Saltstraume (“De Zoutstroom”) is a strong tidal current and grinding current in the province of Nordland in northern Norway.
It is located approximately 30 km east of the city of Bodø.
The narrow channel connects the Saltfjord with the Skjerstadfjord.
It is the strongest tidal current in the world.
Up to 400 million m³ (tonnes) of seawater passes every six hours through a 3 km long and 150 m wide strait, with speeds of 20 knots (around 37 km / h).
Where the flow is strongest, vortices of 10 m in diameter and 5 m deep can arise.
The Riksvei 17 national tourist road passes Saltstraume.

Day 11: Saltstraum – Svartisen (N)

Before we left we went to the Saltstraume again, spectacular, really.
Today mainly a driving day, from Saltstraume to Savrtissen.
With the main action passing the polar circle, we are no longer in the Artic Circle.
We agree, we will come back here, maybe even in the winter.
After the polar circle center we drive further south to Svartisen, here we can look at the foot of a glacier, the lowest glacier foot in Europe, this view is only 170 meters above the sea.
Once arrived here we immediately put on the hiking boots, we are going to make a good walk, and treat ourselves to a return trip by ferry on this lake.
Furthermore, the weather is starting to change, waiting to see what this will give. So far we only had rain on the first day of driving.

Day 12: Svartisen – Levanger (N)

A rainy day.
The predictions were completely correct.
A bit like expected, today a driving day of 447Km.
Just left a little too late to do so many Kilometers. Oh well.
Drive mainly on the E6 direction South.
On the route you pass 2 lakfossen, these are a kind of salmon locks / lifts.
Something that should make it a little bit easier for the poor fish to get to their place of death.
Dust to think about, swimming like crazy, then discharging your eggs or seed and then dying.
Very scary if you think about it.
Eventually we end up in a pretty nice place in Levangen on a parking lot at the harbor / marina / ferry port, there is movement, but also quiet again.

Day 13: Levanger – Sunndals Fjord cottages Frec. (N)

it may be superstition but it won’t work today.
We started to drive to Trondheim, walked around for a few hours, visited the cathedral and the crown jewels.
Walked around a bit and then on to where. I don’t know.
After a 4:15 hour drive, we finally found a place to sleep on the Sunndals Fjord, near Cattoges Fredvik.
Get all kinds of insite info from the lady of the Cottage Fredsvik.
Plans suddenly change and we go into the mountains tomorrow.
I’m curious, because in the meantime i am tired of the asphalt road

Day 14: Sunndals Fjord – Trollstiegen (N)

The plan that was suddenly made yesterday evening is being implemented, we are going into the mountains.
First km’s asphalt that becomes increasingly narrow, and suddenly the asphalt stops at a barrier with a payment machine.
We were informed of this by Mrs. Fredsvik from yesterday.
100 Kr “€ 10.4” to use the road, here we go.
In no time the circumstances of the road changed and we go up and up steeply, after x Km the first tunnel comes, dark as the night we get through, km’s further 2nd tunnel.
We had seen on a map that this tunnel is rising and is taking a 360 ° tour.
Narrow, small or we large.
Hup madam des MBH banished from the cabin to indicate what place there is between mountain walls and bakkie.
OK. 10 cm surplus, we move forward very slowly, in it, it all gets a little bit, a little bit more spacious once we are in the tunnel.
so far so good, we have had that.
furthermore the road goes over beautiful tracks along lakes and reservoirs, it is a wonderful ride on such a gravel track, that is what it is all about, and not only bakkie is happy, the driver also.
After 80 km of gravel slopes and many very beautiful parts of the road, it comes to an end.
Too bad, but we have to go further, tik tak tik tak. We set course for Trollen Stieger, the pass from the brochure with a number of hairpin bends and always accompanied by 2 beautiful waterfalls.
Been a wonderful day.
Today we sleep at the Trollstiegen parking lot at a height of 690 meters, 200 meters under a glacier.


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