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poort Ausshwitz 2

Poland, war and the holocaust.

We cross the border between Lithuania and Poland on the recommendation of a fellow traveler who knows the area well along the small roads,...


Iceland 2017 – week 5

Day 29: Vik (IS) hang out in vic like a tourist Day 30: Vik - Skaftafell (IS) woke up too late, 09:30 hr is outrageous. But for once...
valley view

Finland 2018- week 3

Day 15: Hudiksvall - Gamla Uppsala (S) Sun up: 09:06 am Sun down 15:02 pm After sleeping well, the lady of the MBH anyway. we make a morning...

The Lofoten 2019

A bridge, a bridge is this time the entrance to our new area to experience. The Lofoten, we also passed here 4 years ago...
Bakkie in the open

Further east towards the desert.

In Tamtattouchte we take a break, here we stay for 3 nights. At least if Hamid 1 of the brothers of auberge Amazigh does...